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“Age is simply number”. Without a doubt occasionally it is so. But many folks think that they seem to look older for their age. They seem to sense that time flies with matured right away. Well, if this question builds up that curiosity in your thoughts then this post is certainly what you need. To begin with, before you jump into obtaining what ever anti-aging product you can purchase (Argan oil by the way is superb for it), you must know why we tend to look more than our actual age.

Teeth Negligence or Abuse

Our teeth take on a vital role in terms of the structure of our face. The neglect of our teeth will soon enough takes its toll on our face. Some excellent examples of our abuses are nibbling aggressively, grinding, nail biting, or in circumstances that a tooth or some teeth should be pulled out caused by a disease. The result of all this is a saggy face around the oral cavity and wrinkles. But dental implants or dentures is usually a great support in these cases, which ever match your budget.

Birth Control Pills Consumption

Facial hyper-pigmentation could be the consequence of hormone surges brought about by pregnancy. Having contraceptive vaccinations, pills, etc can have that equivalent effect around the face. This won’t remove the nose. The great thing is that this is not something that is long term on the face and could leave once hormonal contraceptive is stopped. A trip to the skin doctor may also be of big help.

Hormonal Adjustments and Losing That Extra Weight

Time and age comes hand-in-hand so we all have to understand this. As women, a time will happen when hormonal modifications comes with particular age occurs. If this moment comes then less collagen is produced by the body and losing that extra pound will definitely not help. It is like having a balloon at home, after a while it manages to lose air and shrinks. The solution is to reinflate it. There are plenty of procedures out there to help you. Just speak to your dermatologist.

The Heat of the Sun

Melasma, lentigos, freckles, and so on are caused by the heat of the sun’s rays. Sometimes acquiring that bronze on vacation have negative final results and these are perhaps some of it, not forgetting sun burns. These skin color problems make us look older. Often take care of yourself from the high temperature by usingsun screen lotion, hats, and sunglasses> These things are available for your defense. Always bear in mind to use them equally as much as you can.

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